M’manga appeals to chiefs to embrace blood donation

By Andrew Kamanga Group Village Headman M’manga has called upon fellow traditional leaders to embrace blood donation in order to save lives. M’manga was speaking at his square in Liwonde on Thursday during a blood donation activity that was organized by the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS)-Balaka Satellite Depot. The chief said he was impressed with the turn up of people and commended them for the positive gesture saying they are helping the country in saving lives of those in need of blood transfusions.He said: “Our relationship with MBTS is very fruitful because many lives which could have been lost due to lack of timely access to safe blood are saved. I therefore encourage other chiefs to embrace blood donation and to mobilize their subjects for this noble cause.”

One of the blood donors, Idah Kalima, who has donated blood for eight times echoed GVH M’manga’s sentiments in specifically encouraging women to donate blood, saying she has never experienced any side effect. “There is no harm in blood donation as I have donated for several times,”she said. 94 people donated blood at the event and several others were advised not to donate due to health conditions such as high or low blood pressure (bp) and pulse rate.

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