Pre-Donation Tips

Eat a balanced meal at least 4 hours before you donate.
Check if you are eligible to donate.
If you feel unwell after making a donation or think you may be coming down with an infection, please contact your nearest donor clinic.

What should I expect?

Iron (haemoglobin), blood pressure level and pulse rate will be checked.
Blood donation takes about 30 minutes.
New needles, which are sterile is used once and incinerated, thereafter.

Before donating a donor will:

Complete a questionnaire containing personal details.
Answer questions concerning their health, sexual and social conduct.
Undergo one-on-one interview with a staff member as a follow up to answers on the questionnaire.

Minimum requirements for donation are:

Weigh at least 50kg.
Between ages of 16 and 65.
Be Healthy.
Lead a sexually safe lifestyle.
Consider your blood safe for transfusion.

The criterion for 65 years applies to first time and lapsed donors only.
Repeat donors may continue to donate for as long as possible provided they bring a doctor’s letter every 2 years.

You can’t donate blood right now if you:

Have low blood pressure.
Have high blood pressure.
Have low haemoglobin (iron).
Are pregnant.
Have had surgery recently.
Are taking certain medications.

Your blood is not safe if you are:

HIV or AIDS positive.
Had sex with, or worked as, a commercial sex worker in the past six months.
Have been treated for a sexually transmitted disease in the past twelve months.
Had more than one sexual partner in the past 6 months.
Had casual sex or sex with someone whose sexual background is unknown.
Ever injected with drugs or substances not prescribed by a doctor.