Rodrick’s Lifetime Blood Donation Commitment

Healthy and strong. Brave with a kind heart. Making a difference with action. The gentleman with evergreen face in the picture, is Rodrick Alfred of Group Village Head (GVH) Nang’ombe under Senior Chief Chimaliro in Thyolo district who has donated blood five times with Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS).

Alfred embarked on his blood donation journey in 2019 and in August 2021 he made his fifth donation during a community clinic in his area whereby he went home with MBTS branded cap in accordance with the MBTS milestone awards program.

In an interview, Alfred urged all those who are eligible for blood donation to start doing so as it helps in ensuring that hospitals have enough blood stocks to assist patients in need of blood transfusions.

He said: “I would like to encourage those who are healthy, in the age ranges of 16 – 65 years and have a body weight of at least 42 kilograms to join this noble cause of saving lives as it is beneficial to the whole nation. We never know who the next transfusion recipient will be, it might be ourselves or our kindred. Either way, it is necessary that blood is available at the hospital during such scenarios”.

In regards to the destination of his journey, Alfred said: “In my lifetime and with God willing, I would like to donate blood more than twenty times”.

Not only does Alfred donate blood but also mobilizes his family members for the same. “ I have a sibling by the name of Alice, after I explained to her about the importance of voluntary non – remunerated blood donation and the criteria for blood donor selection, she was motivated and started donating blood,” explained Alfred.

Together we can donate blood and or mobilize others to join the cause. Indeed not all heroes wear capes nor possess supernatural strength. Donate blood and become someone’s hero.

MBTS was established by the Malawi government through the Ministry of Health with the mandate to collect, test, process and supply safe and adequate blood and blood products to all authorized hospitals in Malawi.

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