Ntcheu Police Hails Blood Donors.

Police in Ntcheu have urged people in the district to donate blood to help save lives in the country’s hospitals. Ntcheu Police Publicist Hatings Chigaru said this during a Blood Donation Open Day organized by Malawi Blood Transfusion Service- MBTS Balaka Satellite Depot at Ntcheu Old Bus Old Bus Depot. Speaking after making his 16th donation Chigaru lauded people who donated blood on the day out of their free will.

“Thousands of people owe their lives to people like you, people who donate blood voluntarily without any remuneration,” said Chigaru. He further said, “I would like to commend each and every one of you who have donated this precious gift; you are the life savers.”
Also speaking at the occasion was blood recipient Victoria Mphenyako Benjamin who said at first she couldn’t understand the importance of blood donation but now she has first-hand experience with how donated blood can save lives.

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She said she lost a lot of blood when she was giving birth to her second child in April this year.
“It was scaring experience. At one point I thought I was going to die,” I was in deep shock,” recalled Benjamin who received one pint of blood at Ntcheu district hospital.
Four months after the traumatic experience, Benjamin was now able to encourage those who gathered at the event to donate blood—something she is not yet old enough to do so herself.

“I am so thankful to whoever donated that unit of blood. May the almighty God bless all the blood donors in the country,” she said.
She then urged parents to talk to their children about donating blood whilst they were still young so that they understood its importance.

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