MBTS Conducts Luchenza Open Day

The Luchenza blood donation open day in progress.

Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) in partnership with Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) and Thyolo District Health Office (DHO) conducted a blood donation open day at Luchenza community ground in Thyolo district on 14th August 2021 through which 45 units of whole blood were collected.

Such kind of activities are mostly initiated during lean periods when schools close for holidays and blood stocks are lowest.  The youth comprise the major pool of blood donors.

Community Development Facilitator (CDF) for MRCS – Blantyre, Annet Pumbwa, said they provide support for blood donation open days in the course of promoting the availability of blood in hospitals.

She added that in essence the work of MBTS correlates with that of MRCS as the latter’s mission is to provide relief through various means to communities in need of help.

“Through the MBTS – MRCS Blood Donor Recruitment Project, MRCS mobilizes people in Blantyre urban and rural communities for blood donation whilst MBTS conducts blood collection sessions in those targeted communities. For similar blood collection activities in other districts, MBTS engages in blood donor mobilization and seeks financial support from MRCS in organizing such clinics,” she explained.

A long shot of the blood donation open day’s clinic set up.

For many people residing in localities such as Luchenza, kilometers away from the MBTS Odala Centre in Blantyre, find it convenient to donate blood whenever MBTS conducts blood donation open days in their respective areas.

Vincent Muotcha donated blood for the fifth time during the event and was given MBTS branded cap as a milestone award. He pledged to continue donating blood and save more lives.

“I was moved to tears seeing how dire patients in need of blood were. I took a step and donated blood for the very first time. Realizing that my gift of life went a long way in saving lives, I decided to become a regular blood donor,” he said.

In sustaining blood collections during lean periods, targeting the hard to reach areas and following up with the out of school blood donors, MBTS in partnership with other stakeholders organize blood donation open days and community campaigns.

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