Mama Khadija students visit Balaka MBTS

By McLlyod Kudzingo

Students from Mama Khadija Private Girls Academy on Friday visited the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service-MBTS Balaka depot where they learned more about the scientific, medical and social aspect of blood transfusion.

MBTS staff, Mama Khadija teachers and students pose after the tour

Among others, the students sat for a presentation that introduced them to the work of MBTS. Following the talk by MBTS`s Head of Balaka Depot (HOD) Grace Jari, the students were also taken for another presentation by laboratory officer Sipho Ngosi before they paid a visit to the blood bank`s laboratories.
After the visit, one of the students Hajira Phiri said the trip had been an eye opener to her as she had learned a lot of things which she said will not only help her in her studies, but also help her to practice safe behaviors. She said, “It has been a great experience; I have learned quite a lot. We learned about blood transfusion in class and what remained was to see the practical side of it, so today I’m just very excited that I have seen everything that I was just reading in the books. We have also learned more about practicing safe life styles and becoming regular blood donors.”

Another student Hafswa Tambuli thanked the management of Mama Khadija for organizing the trip which she said has helped her to have a better understanding of blood transfusion. She then urged her fellow students to continue donating blood and those who have not yet started to start in order to help those in need of blood in different hospitals.

Accompanying the students were five teachers lead by Sigere Juma who hailed the good relationship between the school and MBTS.“I would like to commend MBTS for the good job you are doing in saving lives and also for continuing allowing our students to learn more about blood transfusion at your depot,” she said. She added that these trips have helped to improve the performance of many girls at the school which is located in Namwera-Mangochi and accommodates over 7 hundred students.

In her remarks, MBTS’ HOD Grace Jari said MBTS appreciates a great role that Mama Khadija plays in the activities of MBTS Balaka depot.“On behalf of the whole MBTS and MBTS Balaka Depot, I would like to thank Mama Khadija for the continued support you give us. Every time we knock, your doors are always open for us. Your school is one of our most yielding clinics and these trips have also tremendously helped to increase the number of donors at your school,” said Jari.Jari further advised the girls to continue donating blood and work hard in school in order to become responsible citizens.Most of the blood that MBTS collects comes from secondary schools where students donate blood in various temporary centers mounted in different schools.

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